It sounds better if it comes from them.

Who do you trust? That Facebook ad for the meal delivery service that pops up on your screen (mysteriously, after you just complained about getting stuck behind the coupon lady at checkout), or your favorite food blogger, journalist, or trusted professional?


I bet it's not the ad.

Here’s the problem. No one can talk about you and your business if they don’t know what you’re doing. Let's tell them if you've...

  • won an award.

  • developed a partnership.

  • reached an anniversary milestone.

  • launched a new product or service.

  • wrote a book.

  • are hosting an event or contest.

  • are baking the biggest chocolate croissant ever, and using it to feed the homeless.


And a whole bunch of other newsworthy events that will make it so they have to care… so they can’t wait to talk about you.


A well-crafted PR campaign can get you notoriety, and a whole lot of new clientele. Let’s start planning yours today.

Take a peek at how I've helped promote my clients...

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

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